I am afraid to get a psychic reading. Will you give me bad news?

It's common for people to be afraid of contacting a psychic, especially if they haven't had a psychic reading before. Those who have had psychic readings before already know what to expect.

This fear is mainly due to the way psychics are portrayed in novels, on TV and in movies. This portrayal is very inaccurate.

I give a balanced reading, but focus more on positive news. Also just because you think there will be doom and gloom in your future doesn't necessarily mean there will be…your future might be much happier than you think. An event that doesn't work out the way you want it to might actually be a blessing in disguise, eg you permanently break up with someone, but shortly afterwards you meet someone much better and more compatible. You end up much happier!

I can't predict death and I don't speak to the dead, as I don't have these abilities.

I focus on life, happiness and good news while still being accurate.