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From: Dr Peter Filis
Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Date: February 2005

Dear Friend,

I will cover two topics in this PsychicPower Newsletter: Numerology and Using Psychic Crutches (tools).

Numerology. (Part 1)

I am often asked about Numerology. It is one of the least understood Psychic disciplines. Yet it is one of the oldest and most powerful. What is it? How does it work? Why does it work? How can you use Numerology during a Psychic reading?

It is unlikely you will find this information anywhere else. There is a big difference between popular Numerology (as discussed in Numerology books) and real Numerology (as practised by real Numerologists). In the next few issues, I will reveal the secrets of real Numerology.

Human Numerology verses Computerised Numerology Readings.

"Do I need to be Psychic to be a competent Numerologist?" This is a very common question.

The answer is "No - but it helps". It helps a lot. Here’s why. You need to interpret the results of your Numerological calculations. You need to apply your Psychic skills and make sense of what the numbers mean for each individual reading.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you determine a person’s Lifepath number to be 1. Any popular Numerology textbook will explain that one of the characteristics of a Lifepath Number 1 is a strong need for Independence. Any computerised Numerology program will tell you the same thing. And this is certainly true. However, this is too general. You can’t say to someone "You seek independence." It’s too vague. It’s not specific enough.

So, what do you do? You use your Psychic abilities to fill in the gaps:

· What kind of independence does this person seek?

· Is it financial Independence?

· Does this person seek independence from an over-controlling family member?

· If so, who is trying to control or influence them?

· Why are they trying to influence them?

· How long has this been going on?

· What is the likely outcome?

· Or, does this person seek independent thinking rather than independence from a person or from finances?

You must base your reading on the numbers, but then use your Psychic abilities to provide accuracy and precision. This very important piece of information is never discussed in Numerology books.

You should never buy a computerised Numerological Reading. Computers lack insight and intuition. If you need a reading, speak to a Numerologist. However, computers are excellent for performing the number crunching!

An excellent (and free!) program for performing quick and accurate Numerological calculations is called Numerology Calculator. Download it from:

The real basis of Numerology

Numerology assumes that you choose your name and your date of birth. You choose your name and date and birth before you were born. Numerology has a strong dependence in Reincarnation and Karma.

Your name and date of birth is no accident.

However, you can change your name. Changing your name will change your life, but it will take a long time. Of course, you can’t change your date of birth.

Your Name

The name you were born with has an incredibly strong influence over your life. This is the name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. You need to convert your name into a number. This number is called your Expression Number. It is also referred to as your Destiny Number.

The Expression Number is generally considered to represent your main focus in life.

In a spiritual sense, your Expression Number contains all of the experiences and knowledge that you have gathered and internalised over the course of many lifetimes. This body of information is made up of everything that has happened to you, regardless of how unimportant it may seem, and represents the entirety of your personal and spiritual evolution. It is a very important number indeed.

Converting all of the letters in your name -as it was given to you at birth - into numbers by using the following chart creates your Expression Number:

As an example, let’s look at George Brian Peterson’s chart.

Using the conversion chart above, we would put a 7 under the G of his first name, a 5 under the E, a 6 under the O, etc. We continue on with the rest of the name and end up with the following:

Add up all the numbers. For George Brian Peterson, they add up to 15.

In Numerology, all numbers need to be reduced to a single number. 1 + 5 = 6. George’s Expression Number is 6.

The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are not reduced. These are Master Numbers.

The following chart outlines the meanings of the expression numbers. Remember, you must use your Psychic abilities to fill in the gaps!


This is the number of the self-motivated and independent leader. If this is your number, you generally are able to identify exactly what you want out of a situation. You have learned the importance of standing on your own two feet and being self-sufficient. You seek independence.

Accepting responsibility for your own successes and failures is not the easiest thing to do, but you will need to master this skill before you will be able to make any significant progress in life.

Developed in a positive way, being a One will help you to be an independent pioneer, self-confident achiever and a natural leader. One of the difficulties of the One personality is that your intense focus and self-assurance can often make it hard for others to get close to you. Taken to extremes, One qualities can make you aggressive and bossy.

One is associated with the color Red, the Gemstones Ruby and Garnet, the Star sign of Aries, and the Planet Mars.

The archetype of the One is the leader, the warrior and the scout.


With this number as your Life Path number, you will be more of a team player than a One.

Your ability to cooperate will take you far in life, as well as your tact and diplomacy. Although you won’t be a loner like the One, you will prefer one or two close friends to having a great many acquaintances and friends.

In relationships, your ability to get along sometimes means that you will put the wishes of others ahead of yours. This can mean trouble in the long run, since there is the potential for others to take advantage of this, resulting in a great deal of sacrifice and resentment on your part.

Although the Two quality allows you to get involved with others in a positive and constructive way, you must take care that you limit this involvement to situations where you are truly needed, lest you be perceived as a manipulative meddler.

Two is associated with the color Orange, the metal Gold, the star sign of Libra and the planet of Venus.

The archetype of the Two is the diplomat and the peacemaker.


Three is the number of creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Your ability to create new ideas and communicate them with ease will make a career in writing and speaking a successful path for you.

A Three is more sociable and comfortable in larger groups of people than either the One or the Two, especially since you need others to appreciate your creative expressions.

Threes are often naturally optimistic, and as a result may overlook some fairly significant flaws in others. While this trait can be helpful when dealing with casual acquaintances and friends, it can be disastrous when choosing a romantic partner.

Care must be taken to avoid appearing boastful and self-promoting, and it’s also important that you not let your energies become too far-flung.

Three is associated with the color Yellow, the stone Topaz, the Star sign of Leo and the Sun.

The archetype of the Three is the joy bringer and the cheerleader.


Four is the number of the stable, disciplined individual who is willing to work hard to achieve their objectives.

You will be both practical and reliable, with a special talent for organization. Fours are excellent planners and generally able to see the big picture while others are focusing on relatively unimportant details.

Because of your realistic nature, you tend to be a traditionalist – and this is especially evident in relationships. Your planning nature will also make itself known by your desire to map out the future of a relationship.

You will be "the rock" your family and loved ones can always depend on.

Although you are good at making long-term goals, you may feel trapped or boxed in at times, especially when seeing how some of the other numbers seem to be enjoying themselves.

A Four is naturally persistent and can always be depended on to follow through on what is started, regardless of the effort required.

Be careful that your focused vision doesn’t become stubbornness or rigid close-mindedness.

Four is associated with the color Green, the gemstone Jade and emerald, the star sign of Taurus and the planet Earth.

The archetype of the four is the builder, the worker and the ideal father.


Five is the number of change and variety, and as such you will be dynamic, flexible and open to change.

Your natural curiosity and love of variety makes you more adventurous than other numbers, although you may find that this can land you in trouble on many occasions.

Versatility will be a special quality of yours, which will help you to become good at just about anything you put your mind to. Sometimes this ability may work against you, however, since you may find it difficult to decide exactly what you want to commit yourself to.

Taken to its extreme, the Five quality may seen as lending itself to erratic or irresponsible tendencies.

Five is associated with the color Blue, the gems Aquamarine and Turquoise, the star sign Gemini and the Planet Mercury.

The archetype of the Five is the rebel, the explorer, the adventuring hero and the traveller.


A Life Path number of 6 will be give you the quality of being very responsible, nurturing and loving. These qualities find their best expression in domestic life, and your home, family and friends will be your top priorities in life.

People will recognize this quality in you, and may take advantage of your helpful nature by expecting you to assume more than your fair share of responsibilities.

If you’re not careful, this may lead to self-imposed martyrdom and result in quiet resentment.

You are naturally idealistic and will seek to find harmony in all aspects of your life. This is true of both your surroundings and relationships, and you will go to great lengths to smooth over disagreements and misunderstandings.

Six is associated with the colors Navy Blue and Indigo, the stone Sapphire, the Star signs Cancer and Libra, and the Moon.

The archetype of the Six is the teacher, the counsellor and the ideal mother.


Seven is the number of knowledge and wisdom attained through thoughtful analysis and introspection. This tendency often takes on spiritual or philosophical qualities, and allows you to function on a distinctly different level than the other numbers.

This may result in you feeling alone and separate from those around you, and you must guard against the development of reclusive and eccentric behaviour.

Another potential drawback to your analytical approach is that you may be prone to procrastination, thinking that a little more thought will bring the perfect solution. If you can control these aspects of the Seven, you will be able to experience significant growth spiritually, and will eventually be recognized and admired for your strong beliefs.

Seven is also the number of specialization. The Sevens immerse themselves deeply into specific areas of study or interest with much enthusiasm and become experts in a very short time.

Seven is associated with the colors Violet and Purple, the stone Amethyst, the star signs Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio and the Planet Pluto.

The archetype of the Seven is a seeker, a researcher, a scientist and a mystic.


This is the number of power and success in the material world.

It is a natural combination of all the preceding numbers and the lessons contained in them.

You will have a very clear picture of what you want and how to get it, and you will be willing to invest the time and effort necessary.

One of your positive traits is your ability to see things objectively and consider all sides of a situation before making a decision.

The main danger in this is the tendency to over-analyze a situation to the point where it becomes difficult to act.

Care must be taken that you don’t develop any of the negative qualities of the preceding numbers (especially the stubborn tendencies of the four), because they will be especially pronounced and difficult to overcome in an advanced number like Eight.

Eight is associated with the color Pink, the stones diamond and Rose Quartz, the star sign Capricorn and the Planet Saturn.

The archetype of the Eight is a CEO, a chief, a boss, a banker and a stockbroker.


Nine is the number of the humanitarian, and you will develop a strong and sincere desire to help others less fortunate than yourself.

Your interest in making the world a better place to live can be seen even in small acts of kindness and selfless giving, and you will experience true fulfilment when you can see the results of your actions.

You will be able to "think globally and act locally." Like the Six, however, there is a tendency to become a martyr when you devote more of your time and energy to others at the expense of your own needs, and you must allocate time for yourself on a regular basis.

The Nine is associated with the color White, the stone Opal, the star sign Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius and the Planet Uranus.

The archetype of the Nine is a Mystic, a Healer, a Philanthropist and a Revolutionary.


This is the first of the three Master Numbers, and it is the number of The Master Planner.

As an Eleven, you will be especially skilled at developing new ideas, and are capable of becoming the idealist and inspirational visionary.

The key to being a successful Eleven lies in examining your ideas from the standpoint of practicality. As good as Elevens are at planning, there is also a tendency to spend a lot of time day dreaming, so it is important to actually stand up and put your ideas into practice if you are to become fully realized and developed.

When not properly used, the qualities of the Eleven can lead someone to a path of fanaticism and extremism.

Eleven is associated with the color Silver, the metals Silver and Platinum, the star sign Sagittarius, and the planet Jupiter.


This is the number of The Master Builder. Being the natural progression from the Eleven, the Twenty-two is especially good at putting a plan into action and seeing it through to its natural conclusion.

As a Twenty-two, you are capable of building on a vast scale, and you are at your best when you think in global terms.

The Twenty-two is really a "Super Four", giving you the qualities of being very

practical and capable as a leader. This also means that if you’re not careful, the inherent stubbornness of the Four can be especially pronounced, and ultimately self-defeating.

The Twenty – two is able to achieve any goals they set for themselves.

Twenty – two is associated with the color Gold, the metal gold, the star sign Virgo and the planet Earth.


This is the number of the Master Healer and the Master Teacher.

The Thirty-three is altruistic and selfless, and willingly gives of itself. It will sacrifice itself for the sake of others.

Other people will gladly follow a Thirty-three.

Thirty – three’s are highly emotional, and suffer the pain of those around them in need.

Thirty – three is associated with the color Light Blue, the stone Lapis Lazuli, the star signs Cancer and Pisces and the planet Neptune.

Real Numerology will be continued in the March 2005 issue of this newsletter.

Using Psychic Tools

Many people are confused about the use of Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot cards, Crystal balls etc during a Psychic Reading. These tools are sometimes called Psychic crutches.

They think that real Psychics should not use Psychic tools.

This is pure nonsense.

A Psychic tool is useful for several reasons:

1. Psychic tools give you a solid foundation for the Psychic Reading. They tell you all about this person and what’s going on in their life. You then use your Psychic abilities and expand the reading.

2. Psychic tools can verify that your Psychic hunches are correct. For example, you may sense that a customer is having difficulty in their marriage, and the tarot cards are verifying your Psychic hunches.

3. They can stimulate your Psychic power. Looking at a palm, a tarot card, a number, or a colour in a crystal ball can stimulate your Psychic ability in the same way that an ink blot or a cloud formation can stimulate your imagination.

4. Occasionally, a customer may lie to you. If your Psychic hunches are saying one thing, and your psychic tools are verifying this, but your customer is saying something else, then the customer is probably lying. Customers lie more often than you think!

5. Psychic tools allow you to read for yourself. It’s almost impossible to do a Psychic reading for yourself using only your Psychic abilities. Psychic tools allow you to read for yourself. Psychic readings that you do for yourself can be a little inaccurate…more of this in a later issue of this Newsletter.

6. Sometimes your Psychic abilities are playing up. You are not in your best form. You are unable to connect with the customer. At these times, you can fall back on your Psychic tools, and still give accurate readings!

7. Customers find these tools fascinating!

While Psychic tools are very useful, you should not overuse them. You must always read intuitively. Look at customer’s Palm, look at the Tarot cards, look at their Personal Year Number, but then stop looking, and listen to that little voice in your head. That’s your intuition talking to you!

See you next month.


Dr Peter Filis