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No Fairytales!

Can you handle the truth?

If you need Psychic help with life’s challenges, then contact me now.

I guarantee that you will be impressed with my Psychic readings – or your money back.

I am one of Sydney’s most popular Phone Psychic.

I also offer face-to-face (personal) Psychic readings.

I’m well known for my accuracy and my practical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth style.

No metaphysical or esoteric nonsense.

No cryptic answers.

No riddles.

I only speak plain English.

I use small, easy to understand words.

While some psychics tell you fairytales, I’ll tell you the whole truth.

While some psychics tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to hear.

My readings are completely honest. I’ll tell you exactly what I see: the good, the bad and the in-between. I will tell you what is really going on.

Can you handle the truth?

I belong to a new generation of Professional Psychics.

I am not a Hippy.

I am not a Gypsy.

I do not wear a cheesecloth on my head.

I do not have purple curtains.

I do not pray to the four winds before each Psychic reading.

I do not dance naked under the full moon.

My real name is Peter Filis. I have never used any other name. I refuse to use names like "Angel", "Crystal", "Gypsy", "Rainbow", "Heavenly Light" or "wind-in-his-hair".

I do not waste time during readings. My Psychic Readings are very efficient. I don’t ask too many questions. I talk quickly, but I don’t rant and rave. I understand that you want value for your money.

I want you to be impressed with the quality and quantity of the information I provide you. In fact, I want you to be so impressed that you will not hesitate to recommend me to other people.

I do not just dabble in Psychic Readings. I am not a part-time Psychic Reader. I am a full-time professional Psychic and this is my one and only profession.

I have conducted thousands of personal and phone readings. I conduct about one thousand Psychic Readings a year. I have been a professional Psychic Reader since 1997.

You can tell me anything you like during a Psychic reading.

Anything you tell me is completely confidential.

I understand that people make mistakes.

I understand that good people sometimes do questionable things.

I will not talk down to you.

I will not lecture you.

I will not nag you.

I will not judge you.

I offer psychic guidance with love, relationships, career, money, family, psychic development and major life decisions.

During a psychic reading I use a combination of my psychic abilities, my intuition, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot and a little Astrology. Combining all these psychic methods means that you get a very accurate and specific reading.

I do not cast curses.

I do not do black magic.

I will not harm other people, no matter how much they deserve it. So please don’t ask!

100% Guarantee!

I guarantee that I am an accurate, precise and 100% honest Psychic Reader.

I guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality and the quantity of the information that I give you.

So here is my no risk to you plain English, guarantee.

For face-to-face and Credit Card telephone readings:

If you are not happy with my Psychic Reading, then it’s free. You pay me absolutely nothing.

Yes, that’s right. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.

There is only one condition: If you don’t like my Psychic Reading, then you must tell me so during the first 10 minutes.

I can’t be fairer than that!

I challenge all Psychics in Australia and Overseas to match my guarantee.

If you want an accurate, precise, honest and 100% GUARANTEED Psychic reading, then phone me on 0409 652 191 and arrange a personal or telephone reading.

About Dr Peter Filis

Peter Filis was born on a leap day.

Dr Peter Filis holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a PhD in Parapsychology. He has been interested in the Psychic arts since the age of 10. He is not a medical practitioner and does not offer medical advice.

He has been a Phone Psychic since 1997.

He uses a combination of Psychic ability, Clairvoyance, Numerology, Palmistry, and Tarot during Psychic readings.

He is often described as a "psychic’s psychic". He is the psychic that other psychics come to see!

He lives in Newtown, Sydney and travels the world speaking and conducting intensive workshops on various metaphysical subjects, including Psychic development, Numerology, Palmistry, and Tarot Interpretation.

He is a Sydney Psychic and the author of: Love and Your Lucky Numbers, Karmic Numerology, Your Career and your Lucky Numbers, Your Health And Your Lucky Numbers, Palmistry, love and you and Find your ideal partner through Palmistry.

Contact :- Peter Filis
Psychic – Palmist – Tarot Interpreter
10 Northwood Street
(Near King St NEWTOWN)
Mob: 0409 652 191

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Caution !!!

Run away from any "psychic" that claims you are cursed, but they may be able to help you - for an additional fee! This is an old scam, and many people have lost a lot of money dealing with these people.

Avoid any psychic that claims to be 98%, 99% or 100% accurate. This is utter nonsense! Only God is 100% accurate. I am very accurate, but I don’t claim to be a God!

Stay clear from any "psychic" that insists you return again and again for repeat psychic readings. A few psychic readings a year is acceptable. Anything more is unnecessary. You should become suspicious if a psychic encourages you to talk to them every month, every week or even every day!

Avoid any psychic that sells lucky charms, trinkets, holy artifacts or other similar magical items. Think about it - if someone owned a genuine lucky charm with real magic power, do you think they would sell it to a complete stranger? Would you?

Questions To Ask During A Psychic Reading

You may want to ask very specific questions during a Psychic Reading.

The more specific your questions, the more specific my answers.

I have compiled a list of questions that clients often ask me during personal and phone psychic readings. Please look through this list. Feel free to modify these questions if you like. Just ensure your question is specific.

You might want to write down your list of questions on a piece of paper. This is so you don’t forget to ask me your during your psychic reading. 

I can usually answer 3 to 4 questions (or topics) in detail during a ½ hour Psychic Reading, and 6 to 8 questions in detail during a 1-hour Psychic Reading. Of course, this may vary a little depending on the actual questions.

General Questions for Psychic Readings

Who am I ?

What is my purpose in life ?

I’m not happy. Why? How can I become happy?

What are other people’s opinion of me?

Why do I act the way I do ?

Why do I always find myself in the same situation - again and again?

Relationship related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my future with regards to relationships in general.

Tell me about my future with regards to my current relationship.

I have met someone that I like. What will happen?

Will I meet someone that I like? When ? Where? Tell me about this person.

I like someone. What are their feelings towards me?

I have recently split up with someone. What will happen?

I have recently left someone. What will happen?

Someone has recently left me. What will happen?

I suspect my partner is cheating on me. Tell me what is going on.

I am cheating on my partner. What will happen?

My partner has a spouse. What will happen?

Why is my partner unhappy in our relationship?

Why am I unhappy in our relationship ?

Finance related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my future with regards to finance in general.

My financial situation is difficult at the moment. Is this going to change?

My financial situation is good at the moment. Is this likely to continue ?

How can I improve my financial situation ?

I am thinking of making a major purchase. What will happen ?

I am thinking of making a major sale. What will happen?

Career related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my future with regards to career in general.

Tell me about my future with regards to my current career.

What is my most suitable career ?

Should I continue with my current career ?

Why am I unhappy in my current career?

I’m considering a new career. Should I pursue this?

I am considering studying a new course. Should I pursue this?

I have applied for a job. What will happen?

Family related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my family members’ future.

Travel related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my future with regards to travel.

Will I travel in the near future?

Should I travel now, or later?

Health related questions for Psychic Readings

Tell me about my future with regards to health in general.

Tell me about my future with regards to my specific health condition.

* You should also consult a general practitioner for all health related issues.

** I cannot see death. I do not talk about death. I do not talk to the dead. The dead do not talk to me.