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  • Certified, Honest Psychic - Psychic Walter - Psychic readings & help by phone, on love relationships, career, and life. Wise, loving, accurate, honest. First call is half price. Certified Professional Tarot Reader.

  • Online Psychic Tarot Readings UK. at Psychicwise - Silvermoon's Psychic Email Tarot Readings Online & Psychic Tarot Connections website. Here as well as being able to book Psychic Email Tarot Readings online from our small family team of trained and qualified Psychic Tarot Readers, you can browse our interesting informative pages

  • Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia - At Shanti Village topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more

  • Paranormal Australia - Includes ghosts, orbs, and other unexplained phenomena. Investigations of Australian and international paranormal information.

  • The Psychic Bitch - Psychic Bitch brings you absolutely FREE psychic readings and the absolute truth. It is also FREE to get offended. Our psychic bitches tell it like it is with nothing held back. All FREE readings will be posted at the web site

  • ALL SPIRITS OF THE UNIVERSE - I offer advice and help for spiritual, personal and physical problems. I use the following mediums of divination, angels, spirit guides, tarots and coffee in a cup. Let me help you!!

  • Counselor Of The Heart - Searching For Answers? Seeking Life Changes? Come into the Awareness that will change every area of your life! A Complete and Simple Understanding is given that allows you to Step right into Your Beauty, Heaven on Earth and Live It Now! Awaken to Who You Really Are!

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