Are you having trouble learning to read the Tarot Cards?
Is it taking you much longer than you thought it would?
Do you get frustrated; referring to your tarot books in the middle of a reading?

Throw away all those tarot books.
Tarot Meaning Labels are a quick and easy way to learn to read the Tarot.

Imagine being able to read tarot cards like an expert within minutes of receiving this package. That’s right, MINUTES! Not days. Not months. Not even years!

Simply peel off the labels and stick them onto the back of your own tarot cards.

Printed on each label are:

  • The upright meanings of each card.
  • The reversed meanings.
  • The astrological significance.
  • Character descriptions of people.
  • Health significance.
  • Timing.

That’s right, timings! Not only will you be able to predict events, but you will also be able to tell when an event will occur.

There is one unique label for every card in the Tarot deck.

Tarot Meaning Labels are ideal for beginners.

They are also perfect for more advanced Tarot readers who work on Psychic hotlines, Psychic chat rooms or online Psychic work.

No more "umming", "erring" or uncomfortable pauses during Tarot readings.

No more mental blanks or forgetting meanings after a short holiday from Tarot readings.

Each pack of Tarot Meaning Labels comes with full instructions, as well as spreads, hints and tips. These labels fit all sized tarot cards (except the very small "mini-tarot cards"). Each label measures exactly 5.6cm wide by 10cm long.

The meanings on the labels are based on the traditional meanings of the Tarot, eg, Rider-Waite and similar decks. These labels will suit almost all decks, except for the very modern, very eccentric, very unusual, decks.

Dr Peter Filis designed these Tarot Meaning Labels. He is a world renowned Author, Psychic and Parapsychologist. He performs approximately 975 readings per year – every year – since 1997!


In case you have any lingering doubts, let me offer you my 30 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Simply return all the labels in an unpeeled condition, for a full 100%, no questions asked, refund.

In other words, I can give you a full refund as long as you haven’t peeled off any labels from the label sheets.

Tarot cards not included.


Australian Orders: $35 Australian dollars. (Included postage)

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International Orders: $40 Australian dollars (please allow 7 working days. Mailed by first class airmail). (Included postage)

Order Tarot Meaning Labels using Secure Online Transaction