Contacting Your Psychic Spirit Guides

Contacting spirits gives humans the knowledge that there are different dimensions of life and that people can never be truly alone. Interactions with the divine life through spirit guides awaken the intuition and creative imagination of humans. Hence, individuals can gain the feeling of love, support, and more energy for every task and responsibility.

Not every individual has the ability to recognize spirit contact. That’s why not everyone sees it for what it is. Spirit guides can approach humans through any of the sensory aspects. People may sense them through psychic intuition or see them physically, as material beings (such as colors, images, animals, creatures or even symbols). There are moments that they manifest themselves in shadow form, passing as a subtle or indistinct shape or feel them as a warm or cold presence flowing through homes when their owners are alone or even with company.

People believe that they are the highest and only form of intelligent life in the universe. But, this chauvinist belief is not final, as there are many unrecognized and misunderstood forces in the universe, including other dimensions and beings. Upon reconsideration and open approach, humans will see that the physical realm is nothing but a slight fraction of all the worlds that exist.

People with psychic tendencies believe that death is the end of all things. Every individual possesses a spirit or a soul which is a collection of energies and that when an individual dies, this collection of energies can pass over to other dimensions or they can choose to remain in the physical realm and people can learn to coordinate with these spirits and establish connections with them. But, psychics believe that death will not instantly make all energies pure and positive. When a person of great negativity dies, the spirit will remain negative.

In every realm, physical or spiritual, there exist positive and negative energies that humans can identify. Humans have the power to decide who they permit to enter their lives, physical and spiritual. They can select their spiritual relations, just like how humans set limits and decide who they allow in their physical relations. To do this, humans must discriminate properly what spiritual connection they will have a relationship with.

Nothing within the spirit realm can cause harm. As long as people possess positivity, control, and authority over their lives, these spirit guides cannot interfere and perform chaos in them. Contact with the spirit realm is to supplement and not substitute for anything that anyone lacks in their life.

Spirit beings can have an interest to establish a relationship with anyone, and anyone can have the same. A strong spiritual relationship can be beneficial, and this can occur even without your awareness. A spirit guide can be friend and also a mentor. Many (but not all) psychics have psychic spirit guides.

Spirit guides can protect, and inspire humans to be creative and to increase their productivity. As long as their human partners are full of positive energies, and have an open heart for them, anyone can benefit from their guidance.