Psychic Tools: Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Crystal Balls and other tools

Most Psychics use a physical tool or two to assist with their readings, including Tarot cards, crystal balls, runes and tea leaves , to name a few. Whilst some Psychics depend on a range of different mediums, most embrace the use of one in particular to clearly express their psychic voice.

There are strengths and weaknesses to each and every psychic tool, however a highly attuned diviner will overcome these limitations and harness the power of their chosen medium to divine your future.

Read on for a description of the benefits and pitfalls of the many divination tools used by Psychics and Clairvoyants today. With a clear understanding of the way in which your Psychic delves into the spectrum of your future, you can make the most out of your reading and learn from the insight it provides.

The main tools I use in my psychic readings are Palmistry, Tarot and a little Numerology and Astrology plus my psychic ability (clairvoyance)


Pros: The position of the sun, the moon and the planets is the basis on which Astrology calculations are derived. A universal calculation system is used to provide answers for an Astrology reading, leaving little room for misunderstanding or error. If you bring a copy of your chart to an Astrologer, they will provide you will a reading.

Cons: You must know your exact time of birth for an accurate astrological reading. Some people are unable to provide this information, whilst others may be uncomfortable sharing their real age with a stranger.

Tarot Cards

Pros: With complex illustrations on each card, psychic readers are presented with many possibilities when undertaking your reading. The card spreads contrast various opposing situations, reflecting the challenges and complexities of everyday life.

Cons: Each deck can differ slightly, including inconsistent numbering and variations in illustration. If a psychic reader or clairvoyant is unfamiliar with a new deck of tarot cards, they may miss critical cues in your reading and misinterpret the alternative illustrations.

Crystal Ball

Pros: A psychic reader can derive a vibrant picture of your future that is clearer than other mediums.

Cons: Generational gaps between psychic and client can lead to difficulty in interpreting or describing a visual. For example, an older psychic who is unfamiliar with modern technology may have a problem understanding a text message that appears in the crystal ball reading of a modern teen.


Pros: Druidic runes are an excellent indicator of your future, connecting your inner psyche with your human potential. Runes combine the conventional signs of astrology with the chance energy absorption of tarot readings.

Cons: A challenge for the novice psychic with their primeval, symbolic markings, runes require a highly attuned eye to interpret the meaning behind each run drawn.

Feng Shui

Pros: Feng Shui can bring harmony into your personal life and career, altering energy flows in your surroundings to promote prosperity and good health.

Cons: If you lack control over your home or work environment, you will have little power to remove obstacles and make the physical changes needed to improve the flow of positive chi in your surroundings.

Palmistry and Palm Readings

Benefits: In a palmistry or palm reading, the simple lines of the hand hold complex meaning and insight. Return visits are especially helpful to a palmistry expert, allowing them to monitor changes to your fortune as the consequences of your actions are recorded in the lines on your hand.

Pitfalls: A palmistry or palm reading must be undertaken in person. The real-life texture and malleability of the hand are critical elements in a palmistry reading, meaning scans or copies will not capture true insight into a client’s future.


Pros: I-Ching is an age-old divination technique that can be traced back 5,000 years; a psychic medium utilised by emperors in years gone by. The random tossing of I-Ching creates a hexagram, which then transforms into a clear vision for the future.

Cons: I-Ching reading requires the expertise of a seasoned, highly attuned psychic. The smallest misinterpretation can lead to significantly different readings.

Tea Leaves

Pros: Tea-leaf reading connects the random patterns left by tealeaves with the energy of the Moon and the tides. Regardless of the understated and transient nature of tea-leaf reading, a highly attuned psychic will interpret significant meaning in the life and fortune of the recipient.

Cons: The nature of this age-old psychic medium requires the use of real tea-leaves. Hence, a ‘decaf’ or tea bag used commonly today will not allow for a significant reading.


Pros: When a professional psychic prepares a client for a reading with a session, they are sensitive to the challenges of reading the mind of an anxious and apprehensive person. This leads to a more insightful outcome.
Cons: Relaxation techniques may relax the mind so much that the client falls asleep or sends out signals that are not truly representative of their day-to-day demeanour.

Ouija Board

Pros: An Ouija board allows instant contact with spirits in the next world. Intense energy from the astral plane guides the glass to letters that spell out answers to the client’s specific questions.

Cons: Many psychic visions are not aided by spiritual entities, therefore the inability to communicate vocally denies the client a chance to experience the clear picture provided by other psychic tools and mediums.