The World of Psychic Spirit

Those people who have been in a near-to-death experience are those who obtained the spiritual realm’s distinct descriptions. Mystics and clairvoyants may also feel this. Dismissive is among the methods of interpretation which classifies the psychic experience into hallucination, error, fraud and an overactive imagination.

The second form is no other than the scientific approach which demystifies the encounter on a rational way. It also explains the connection as the outcome of an illness or physical deprivation. An occult explanation usually emphasizes the unusual occurrence from the philosophical as well as in the theological perspective. These range from an ordinary one up to the elaborative one. Giving a philosophic and reasonable explanation for it is typically inexplicable.

When we are ready enough to incarnate to physical life, our spiritual importance creates a delicate energy bands all over itself. This will allow our own spiritual essence in integrating harmoniously. It will serve as the bridge for us to expand our awareness starting from the physical aspect onto those that are more sensitive & spiritual realms that life has since the time we started to exist in this world.

These realms consist the portion of the auric field we have. An aura is a 3-dimensional field of energy which surrounds the physical figure in every direction. Once you have learned the way on how to harmonize the delicate energies and adjust to them, this will enable us to open ourselves to a spirit which lives within the spiritual realm.

If your auric field is stronger, it will be easier to attune these energies and the spirit forms which involve your guides. If your energy field is weaker, you have more chances to pull negative influences coming the spirit’s realm.

Forms of Spirit Guides

The spirit guides could be a highly diverse entities group. Some of them are humans while others are not. Those guides that are considered non-human can go forward with humanity. They might possess a realistic and sensitive influence on you.

The human type can be either dead or alive. The living one can be an ordinary individual who do not have their bodies at night during the time that we sleep. There could be some persons who trained themselves to leave their own bodies & withdraw the energy they have as well as their consciousness on those realms that are more subtle by means of an astral projection. Adepts, individuals and life masters who are developing spiritually are very aware about the psychic sense.

This form of a spiritual guide is the individuals who live with their bodies. The encounters with them are generally not the same with those who passed over like family and friends.

This form of the spirit guide could be those who prepare and are waiting for their reincarnation. Contact with it can be performed by astral and electric energy that are left behind by those who died. They leave from the physical life. Apparitions and ghosts are included in this category.

It is usually applied to those people who lived on earth at a time but they are now working right at the spiritual realm in order to grow. These people are serving as the teachers, guides and healers to those who are in the physical realm. Most of the spirit guides are coming from this. Modern spiritualism was recognized and categorized the tasks they may do.