Using Spirit Guides in Psychic Readings

Through generations, there exist alongside humans, spiritual entities that guide and protect people even without their knowledge. People call them the Spirit Guides. These Spirit Guides have inhabited the Earth long before Guardian Angels. They have previously manifested themselves in human form but due to constant incarnations Spirit Guides have undergone, the Spirit Being evolved. The purpose of the existence of the Spirit Guides is not to order how people live their lives, but rather to give guidance, protection, and direction towards the correct path. But still, it is dependent on people if they will heed their calls and follow the messages they convey or continue the usual human destructive ways.

Since these Spirit Guides have undergone constant incarnations. They have become highly evolved beings that are spiritually pure. This purity has set them apart from mere mortals, posing a problem for people to fully decipher their messages. But, genuine psychic mediums have the ability to actually see them physically and speak to them. The messages are deciphered through accurate readings that mediums interpret.

Spirit Guides can present unique recommendations to a person's situation (such as guidance in decision making especially on relationships, worldly affinities, and professional matters). They are knowledgeable and know where the key to a person's bliss lies. By precise psychic readings by potent medium, people can grasp the information that the Spirit Guides relay to them.

3 Common Spirit Guides Who Help People Live their Life Best

There are varied types of Spirit Guides who assist mediums decipher accurate psychic readings. Below are the three most common spirit guides:

1. Gate Keeper Guide – People have energy gates. This guide stands guard at the energy gate, monitoring and controlling Spirit Guides who fancy working with people. This guide offers protection to people from getting negative energies and vibrations, and prevents these negative vibrations from penetrating. Gate Keeper Guides are always around to assure that other Guides are conducive to a person's own vibrations.

2. Native Guide - Most people have a Native Spirit Guide. The native is usually African, American or Aboriginal. This Guide protects people physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also, this Guide protects people from terrible vibrations that crave to penetrate their energy field.

3. Presenter Guide - Presenter Guide is unique. This guide is usually there for people who are in love but do not have the strength to voice what they feel. Presenter Guide helps souls by raising their vibrations for effective communication between a person and the person they love. Presenter Guides also help people that have recently died.

Tips for an Accurate Psychic Readings

Below are tips people should follow to maximize and make their psychic reading an excellent experience:

  1. A Questions list should be prepared. People can prepare a list of questions so they would not forget certain questions they want to raise.
  2. Prepare to get answers through images and icons. Some questions are unique and answerable by images and symbols that readers may not be able to always understand them. This is because Spirit Guides know things about a person that others don't know about and they present these through these images.
  3. Be open-minded and prepare the heart for truths. Answers to some questions are already imbedded in people's hearts but because some truths are unacceptable or in conflict to a person's ideals, they repress and conceal these. But, Spirit Guides will always reveal these hidden truths and people must be ready to face it.