Working with Your Psychic Spirit Guides

People have the ability to discriminate the negative spirit guides from the positive ones. They can dismiss any guides that come in conflict with their outlook so that the spirit guides won’t be interfering with their physical life. When a person establishes a good relationship with a spirit guide, that person can control all aspects of work with their guidance.

Nothing in the spiritual realm can harm a person as long as they identify it with common sense and good judgment. Much of what the public knows about spirit possessions and exorcisms are false and mostly the product of the exaggerated horror movies. As long as people lead a balanced healthy life, they will never have worries about such things, even while working hand in hand with their spirit guides.

People don’t have to be in an unconscious state or in a trance in order to coordinate and work with their spirit guides. Spirit guides can manifest in different sensory aspects and will play almost any role their human relation’s request. But, don’t be too dependent upon these spirit guides as these leads to arrogance and carelessness. People can converse and raise questions to their spirit guides if they want to. True spirit guides expect this testing and they are patient to anyone. Doubts and worries are not going to offend them and push them away. As in any relationship, trust is built slowly.

Working with spirit guides is a relationship of give and take of the human partner and the spirit guide. They are not there to do everything for their human relation but they are there to protect and give guidance. Ultimately, the responsibility and the consequences of a person’s actions or inactions, is theirs and theirs alone.

The laws of the spirits are as difficult to grasp as the laws of the natural world. Being ignorant with proper techniques, like allowing the ego to strongly influence judgments, will only slow the progress of the development. There exist no trickeries or short cuts. It does not even matter how competent or successful a person is, he still needs to reawaken and develop his higher senses.

Working with true higher soul energies is a blessing, which enlightens the mind of any person in working with the spirit. It makes them feel stronger, enabling them to reach their own goals and objectives. They will find more peace, healing, and compassion with other people. If anyone wish to commune with the spirit guides, they can initiate a contact through prayers and meditations. Prayers and meditations don’t require a wide variety of icons, images, symbols or ideas, what important is the content of the message you want to send. It is essential to be sincere. You must also concentrate on one thing and bring it within the soul. This will open up the conscious vision of the spiritual presence in the physical world and will help toes.

It requires only a few minutes a day of proper meditation to turn more energy and spirit perception into manifestation. Once begun, the person should keep enthusiasm or interest in the process or else it will impair the spiritual connection. Successful communication with spirit guides will develop clairvoyant powers and insight, and a conscious awareness of the sensitive realms of the spirit guides.