A Short History of the Tarot and Tarot Readings

It is known that the Tarot has origins dating back many thousands of years. Whilst many historical aspects of the Tarot are unknown or unclear, experts that have studied tarot history have concluded that it likely originated from an ancient Chinese system. Most psychics use Tarot cards.

The Chinese system in question consisted of numerous sticks emblazoned with characters representing their own unique meaning.

Each person in the room would select a stick, which related to individuals current situation. These sticks, similar in size to chopsticks, can still be found in China and the temples of Thailand. They remain a popular with locals who to this day continue to use them for direction. Fortune cookies are a similar concept.

In its present form, the Tarot originated in Italy around the 1300’s AD as a game called Tarocci. (In fact Tarot is the French adaptation of the word Tarocci).

The Tarot was soon to be outlawed as the Church of Rome became increasingly uncomfortable with it due to fears the movement was growing direct competition.

However, the Tarot has survived.

Interestingly, the Vatican boats one of the largest collections of Tarot literature in the world. Many of the articles date back to 12th, 13th and 14th centuries.

Many contemporary Tarot packs are derivatives from a group called The Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn has its roots in England and was founded in 1888.

Credited with designing three Tarot packs, The Golden Dawn was a secret magical fraternity. The three packs are the Thoth Deck, Golden Dawn Deck, and Rider-Waite Deck.

The Tarot cards illustrated on this website are the Rider-Waite deck and the Morgan Greer deck.

I personally use the Morgan Greer Tarot cards during my psychic readings.