Reversed Tarot Cards

Tarot reading is a popular means of understanding and knowing what lies in the future. However, it is not all about the future since tarot reading also serves as a way in understanding your past and present. To enable reading and get the meaning it tells, a set of tarot cards is used and spread out. There are cases when reversed tarot cards are being encountered and opened. At times, it also causes some worries to the person being read. Some would even think that an opened reversed tarot cards can only suggest negative meaning. As for beginners, this might lead them to thinking of how a reversed card is and must be read.

A psychic needs to be fully aware of what reversed Tarot Cards means.

How to interpret reversed tarot cards has long been an issue, and time and again, tarot readers encounter this case. It is also a subject that caused heated debate with others. It is mainly because different psychics offer different interpretations, which just gave a general answer that reading reversed tarots is all dependent to the psychic itself.

In facing situations like reading tarot cards and the right ways in which it must be read, the preference of each tarot readers in reading and interpreting the showed cards to them is emphasized. That also leads to the question of whether they will acknowledge the subject about Tarot reversals.

Whatever the case is, or of the reader decided to acknowledge the subject, there are some suggestions on how each of the reversed cards can be interpreted. These suggestions include:

  • Considering the nemeses, antitheses is or the arch rival to the standard featured in the tarot card.
  • Consider the malfunction, opposite or abnormality of the meaning of the upright card.
  • Consider the time delay within the given outcome of the upright card.
  • Suggest to the client to see the implications or meaning of the card in a different angle. A different way.
  • Consider the difference in the energy of the client and compare it with the card’s original energy. It could mean or means that the client is wanting to have a particular thing, but is thinking of its opposite.
  • Get the feel of the story that lies in the reversal of the card by depending on where it is located in the spread. Like when the royal cards are touching in a head-to-head manner, then it could mean putting 2 heads together.

As for questions about whether to read the reversals or not, it should depend on the reader. It is their choice to make. In cases when the reader decided to read the reversed card yet do not know what they should do, it can all be dependent on what is spread there. It means, reading the cards accordingly, whatever the cards tells one to read.

As a reminder and to handle the reading of the reversed cards better, the readers can consider taking their favorite deck and using it, contemplate on the cards positioned up-side-down outside of the reading arena. Then, while doing so, let the reigns of one’s mind and just allow the imagination to run wild. It means, let ones’ psychic eyes to roll what it is featured on the cards and allow it to recognize vague shadows, hues, shapes and nuance.