Tarot Reading: Getting to Know the Four Suits

When it comes to tarot reading, you have to understand that there are four suits involved in it. You have to take note that each of the cards used in this may tell you something about your life. These cards can provide you with insights about a particular aspect of your life. Thus, it is very important to learn the four suits which are involved in tarot reading.

There are 4 suits to the tarot table. These suits are the cups, wands, swords and pentacles. Every suit corresponds to a certain element. These elements are no other than earth, air, water and fire. They are also corresponding for various seasons every year. These include summer, spring, winter and fall.

The Meanings of the Tarot Cards in the Suit of Wands

Do you want the Suit of Wands is? Well, this is the "suit" of direction and action. This particular suit seems to be creative and it usually shows the resourceful and imaginative aspects of the nature. The element involved here is fire which is applicable to passion, spirituality and creativity.

More on the Suit of Wands, you should be aware that it is also related to career. The wands act as an indication of the right time when you must consider the options you have. As you do it, you need to evaluate each one of them and you need to move forward by using force. Typically, wands are enthusiastic and warm. They are expressing the value for tradition and they desire to make the environment harmonious.

The meanings behind their tarot cards may involve the concerns about fertility and sexuality. When reading a love tarot, the wands will show sex drive, initiation, call to action and love intentions. On the other hand, they may also represent infidelity, loss of attention and poor sex drive. Wands tend to be strong cards when they are linked to love tarot. They may give fabulous insight about the character of someone’s relationship. These may include the future relations of the person.

The Meanings of the Tarot Cards of the Suit of Cups

This particular suit is quite remarkable due to its unique ability. It can provide insight about the emotional landscape of a person. Likewise, it can give insight about our love relationships as well as the relations between us and our family. This is because the suit is interrelated with soul and its journey. The meanings of their tarot card can show the previous traumas which infiltrate our daily lives and what are perceptions regarding the world.

Water is the sign of unconsciousness, the "dream" world as well as the intuitive nature of our consciousness. Water also acts as a mirror and it will show the emotional natures we have and the wounds we have carried on including the gifts that we can give to someone else on an emotional way. The cups serve as the sign of the nurturing qualities which have a strong influence to our lives. They usually show where we faced struggles without having these. When it comes to tarot reading, the suit of cups may unveil the areas of a person’s life wherein the fluid is stuck. Their meanings can present your emotional well-being.

The Meanings of the Suit of Pentacles or Coins Tarot Cards

In doing tarot reading, the suit of pentacles usually represents everything that resides within the "physical" world. This involves the material gain, emotional stability, financial security and the fruits you have harvested after exerting effort. This is the suit of expression and realization. It also acts as the suit of your physical body and health. Indeed, you will not be surprised to know that Earth is their element. Based on the deck that is being used in the tarot reading, pentacles might also be illustrated as coins, diamonds and disc.

Pentacles are also known as symbols of the Mother Earth, fertility and growth. This is the suit for the material resources and can be associated to everything that Earth can give to us. On the more practical side, the meanings of their tarot card can be relevant to the concerns about the real estate, industry and property.

Normally, the suit of pentacles represents everything that is associated with money exchange. This involves the situations relevant to banking issues, financial management as well as the inheritance. The meanings of their tarot cards are referring to generosity, trust, egalitarianism and commitment. They may recommend actions about charity, kindness and defending of someone who is being treated unequally.

The Meaning of the Tarot Cards in the Suit of Swords

The sword command represents the existing difficulties in life and the obstacles involved. This is the suit which "cuts" over the truth regardless of those feelings which are associated with the challenges in life. With this in mind, the meanings of the tarot cards under this suit could be unsympathetic. These may deal with the great blows to certain defense mechanisms such as repression and denial.

This is the suit which needs utmost willingness with the spiritual inferences which demand new perception and awareness. It has nothing to do with the massive awareness transition. When the swords appeared in the tarot reading, it is necessary to take note that these cards symbolize the "realm" of the brain and not actually the facts of a particular situation. The swords lead over the intelligence and they solicit new clarity and wisdom. The meanings of the tarot cards that are related to this suit may serve as a word of warning for a too much aggressive attitude as well as the situational miscommunications.

This particular suit can predict a disease, emotional disorder and even death. The element that is being associated with this is air which symbolizes truth. The truth could be double-edged in the same way with the sword. It might be either heartbreaking or enlightening. Regardless of the outcome, this suit symbolizes new clarity as well as action.

These are the four suits which are involved in tarot reading. You can use everything you learned here when you read tarot cards alone. May you have fun while doing the reading!