Tarot - The Ace of Cups

Tarot cards have been used for several years as a tool to see the future. Tarot is composed of different sets of cards, and one of which is the ace of cups. This card has something to do with the department of love. Ace of cups is all about love, peace, patience, assurance, tranquility, harmony, compassion, and acceptance.

It is a basic knowledge that love is the most powerful emotion that mankind can feel. Love also has something to do with the meaning of ace of cups, and if one just concentrated on this, there is a better chance that what it tells will be better understood. It plays a very significant role in a psychic reading.

It is also said that love is potent. Shown in the left part of the card is the Thoth rendition, which emanates an energy that spans out in a web of connectivity prominently. It is perceived that these energy waves are something made of love and compassion. With that, one can easily be reminded about the power that love has over everything.

Ace of cups has been said to be symbolizing love and a signal of new beginning of relationships. However, it is more than that. It does mean love, but more in the blessing aspect. It means a blessing that provides an assurance. It is an assurance that when one placed himself in a relationship where love is abundant, then the flow of love is endless. This just means that ace of cups comes with a message for the person to begin with love present always. Whatever one’s intentions, desires, needs are or wherever they may be directed to, if it all started with compassion and love, then one will be facing a blessed result.

There are several primary symbols that the ace of cup is comprised with. These are:

Dove - It is a universal spiritual icon that symbolizes hope, aspiration, purity, and ascension. Based on the Greco-Roman mythology, Aphrodite/Venus considers it as a sacred creature, making it a powerful symbol for love. Since it is used in ace of cups, it just made it a promising symbol. There is also a secondary meaning and message with dove, specifically the ones shown in the version of the Rider-Waite, which points down. It means you can fly as high as you can, but first, you have to ground yourself.

Water - It symbolizes the subconscious and emotion as well as cleansing, purity and rebirth. It also has to do with the moon, which makes it lean to symbolizing femininity. Due to that, the foundation of ace of cups is much more strengthened, specifically the one that tells to deal with love and compassion all the time. The symbol of the love and rebirth associated with water has something to do with the belief that the earth was made through a watery womb.

Lotus - The meaning of lotus is always associated with ascension. In ace of cups, it means beauty is always present in everything even everywhere as long as one aims to see this beauty within anywhere. It is the symbol that further enhances the other ones featured in the card. With the meaning being symbolized by lotus, love and, peace and rebirth made it possible for new emotional highs to be experienced in life.