Tarot – The Ace of Swords

For the past few years, Tarot has become a term that gave a great impact on the minds of the people. It has already become a significant part of the lives of most people from various parts of the world. Most of them got interested to learn about it since they can make new plans and ideas while they deal with challenges and breakthrough.

Swords have been governed by the Air element and deals with minds. It also works with the thoughts, legalities, conflict, communication, attitude, intellect, stress, and expression. There were various terms and concepts that are associated with a Tarot psychic reading. In the first place, some individuals are not aware about their significance.

Basically, the Ace of Swords belongs to the 3 cards that indicate the Sword held in an upright position. The hand extending from the cloud while it firmly clasps is directed to the upright sword. The Sword gift in the Ace refers to justice, reason, communication, intellect and reason. The Sword is centred on the essential things only. On the other hand, the Ace of Swords pushes the people to ask some questions about their lives and selves. This demands full honesty among them.

In addition, the Ace of Swords is upholding the law’s arm while demanding justice for those who have a contact with it. It is always willing to support people in defending themselves as they think that are doing the right thing through its energy. The Suit of Swords has been invariably linked to conflict, pain, and challenge; the Ace serves as a warning for the difficult times that may come along the way.

The Ace reminds people that they should learn how to stand firmly in their attitude and beliefs. Being stressed in achieving these things may also be considered as a part of the process. This is the time wherein they should be able to keep their head while they think on their feet.

Similar to the Ace of Wands, it also has some phallic representations. The Swords are representing Autumn and together with its Crown which symbolizes Womb. The Sword that pierces the Crown Chakra symbolizes brain and spine.

In psychic Tarot reading, the Ace of Swords has upright and reversed meaning. When it talks about the upright meaning, it represents the birth of ideas, intellectual energy, vision, ideas, communication, as well as plans. It is also suggesting mental prowess and clarity of thoughts.

When it comes to the reverse meaning, the Ace of Swords Reversed usually acknowledges that a person suffers with his or her nerves. He or she might be worrying of something in the past which caused it or it may also be in the present condition. Migraine headaches usually are the common results of mental stress.

The reading in Tarot for these two sides of Ace of Swords usually involves relationship reading, career reading, health and knowledge reading. The personal knowledge about these facts about Tarot reading is highly essential. It can greatly affect the way of bringing out the best attitude.