Tarot: The Ace of Wands

This tarot card characterizes and symbolizes passion, direction, ignition, expansion, initiation, energization, creativity, and resourcefulness.
The meaning of the ace of wands deals with the high volume of energies that burst forth in self-confidence. The most reflective illustration of this card is from the Thoth rendition.

A psychic needs to understand this card very well, as it is an important Tarot card.

By looking at the Thoth rendition, a person will feel drawn due to the energy and passion it holds. People who have this card included in their reading can expect an incredible adventure. Apart from that, it also means the start of a new beginning, which always has something to do with creativity matters.

It is the tarot card that leads a person to be reminded of the creative control they have in their lives. Looking at the card again, one can see the hand that holds out the rod, which symbolizes the passion the person himself has. It just indicates one’s ability in holding their desires and allowing their passion in enabling themselves to reach their goals.

However, when it is in a reversed position or one that leans toward conflict, it could mean that the person is letting their desires or wants control them. That would also mean that the person already needs to gain back the control and handle their emotions better. This tarot card is holding its own beauty, one that stands out loudly and clearly. As such, it serves an inspiration to the Tarot pantheon that holds the light so that everyone will be able to see their way clearly.

Its meaning also deals with anything related to creative insight. It can be about leaving a promise of direction, motion along with positive energy that can result to a delightful one. The tarot card calls the loudest to people including visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs and those seeking for a new and creative path. At most, it will serve as their green card light, the one that gives a positive encouragement in proceeding with their endeavours.

The ace of wands has four key symbols which are:

Mountains – This imagery means challenges, acquisition, aspirations and accomplishments. It gives that visual meaning that as a person climbs higher, the more closer they get in reaching their highest point. This highest pint can be one’s physical, spiritual goal or anything being aspired for. Mountains are also inflexible and unbending, which gives the message that only the person is capable of changing the way they deal with those challenges they face in their life. Thus, as a person climbs higher, the lessons they learned must also be embraced while facing those challenges that came their way.

Clouds – It symbolizes ambiguity, things hidden and mystery. Most of this card’s rendition shows a hand that holds a flaming torch which is thrust out from the clouds. It symbolizes the energy and ideas that comes out from hidden places of one’s psyche. The clouds can mean hidden agendas that keep a person from holding a pattern or underlying beliefs holding the person back from being their bright self.

Rivers – As in with river, it symbolizes direction, flow of thoughts and lives, and motion. When it is featured in the ace of wands, it could mean a message regarding the direction that the person is taking. Once this is shown, the person must reassess their goals and have that confidence in taking the direction they so desire.