Tarot – The four of cups

For a psychic, the four of cups is generally an unhappy card. This Tarot card means boredom, dissatisfaction, lack of energy (he’s sitting down), lack of motivation, and lack of enthusiasm.

It means feeling unhappy, feeling unloved or feeling sorry for yourself.

Having the blues – but not an actual depression.

There are opportunities and good things happening right now (indicated by the three cups in front of the sad man) but you can’t see them.

In a relationship reading, it can mean feeling bored, lonely or unloved in your relationship.

When reversed this card is telling you get up and go and have some fun. Cheer up. Chill out.

In a health reading, it can mean lethargy. Lack of exercise. Being unfit. Being unhealthy. Being not well. Drug and alcohol problems. You need to stand up and move around more.