Tarot – The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is also called the Four of Coins

This Tarot card basically means being possessive towards money, a person or a situation. Holding on too tightly.

If this card shows up in a psychic reading it means it’s time to let go.

It can also mean obsessing about financial security…feeling financially insecure. Worrying about money

In a money or career reading it indicates you have the ability to make money or that you should try and save more money now. A financially stable or profitable period. It can also indicate a profitable investment or a suggestion that you should take a calculated financial risk.

In a relationship reading it can mean one person is very concerned about money or that money worries or money problems are causing relationship issues.

When reversed, this means poor investments or unable to save. Stinginess. Greed. You are not investing enough money for the future.