Tarot – The Four of Swords

The four of swords depicts a man on his back. His eyes are usually closed.

In a psychic reading, it can indicate retreat or mediation. This can be a physical retreat or a mental retreat.

It can mean feeling tired, worn out, weighed down, unappreciated, depressed, burnt out, unwell.

It’s a sad, low energy card.

Time to retreat and think things through.

Time to recover from an illness.

This Tarot card appears when you need a holiday or a long rest.

In a health reading, it’s a period of ill health. A medical procedure or a period of low energy.

It can also mean visiting someone in hospital.

In a relationship reading, it can indicate a partner who wants to retreat from the relationship or who wants time alone. A person who wants space. It can indicate a partner who would rather sleep alone.

When Reversed, this card indicates it’s time to wake up, get up, and return to the real world.