Tarot: The suit of cups

The Suit of Cups first appears in the Venetian deck from the 18th century.

It is one of four suits.

Cup cards show up frequently during psychic readings around love and relationships.

Representing the element of water the Suit of Cups Tarot Card deals with the consciousness on the emotional level that is connected with love, relationships, connections, and feelings.

The Cups card can also reflect religious or spiritual matters as well.

If you receive the Cups Tarot Card you will display that you think with your heart instead of your head. You would offer spontaneous responses as well as habitual reactions when it comes to situations that go on in your life. Cups also indicate a level of creativity, fantasy, imagination, and romanticism as this is what they are linked to. This suit traditionally represents autumn and the west and will be represented by the hearts suit when playing with a regular deck of cards.

This card can represent the season of summer.

An upright card will most likely represent something positive in your tarot reading. This can be something positive such as happiness.

There are negative aspects to the Cup of Tarot Cards such as when the card appears in reverse. This could mean an overly emotional feeling or even a disengaged or dispassionate attitude. This could mean so many things such as having unrealistic expectations. This all could be caused from repressed emotions that are going on within a person who does not have the ability to express their true self or feelings. Sadness and depression can also fall in the reading of a Cup Tarot Card.

When a tarot reading is primarily Cups cards then it is most likely that the person is looking for answers for what is most likely an emotional conflict.

Personality Characteristics of the Cups Suit

If your personality relates to the Suit of Cups then you are more likely to have these characteristics:

  • Emotional
  • Humane
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Loving
  • Sensitive
  • Caring
  • Emotional
  • Imaginative
  • Spiritual

If your personality falls in this realm you will be emotionally connected and be able to draw your energy from within yourself. It is common for the Cup of Tarots to correspond with those who have zodiac water signs such as Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

Since water always looks for the path of least resistance you will find that a Cup tarot brings a passive element into play. More times than not the Cup tarot card is generally about feelings toward each other. This might come from loving connections with friends or family, recognizing someone who has been sympathetic or regretful of wrongdoing whether it is something you have done to a person or something a person did to you.