Tarot: The Suit of Wands

A pack of Tarot Cards consists of four suits:

* Wands

* Cups

* Swords

* Pentacles

In this articles, I'll be discussing the suit of wands, which represents the element of fire and relates to:

* Enthusiasm

* Career

* Job

* Action

* Vitality

* Energy

* Ambition

* Drive

* Reaching for goals, and

* Travelling

When the suit of wands features predominantly in a Tarot reading you can expect the person being read (known as the querant) to be of fiery disposition. A “doer”.

The psychic would suspect that the reading is about actions, career and job.

Its important to people of this nature to feel alive and whether this feeling resonates via exhilaration or struggle matters little. For Wand Querants having a purpose is crucial, and in fact is often more important than achieving it.

When a Wand Type achieves their mission they will seek out bigger, better and brighter challenges. They also embrace life full of action and eagerness. Gloominess can descend on Wand Types when there is no action in their life, because its absence is not a state experienced naturally by them.

In fact, intolerance for people experiencing these states that are so unnatural to the Wand Type can become an issue for them.