Tarot – The three of pentacles (also known as the three of coins)

For a psychic, this card represents hard work.

It can mean working hard now to gain long term or permanent results later, eg, building or renovating a house, saving up a deposit on a house, studying hard for a long term career, serving an apprenticeship.

It means putting in time, effort and hard work towards a goal.

It can represent a time to put in a big effort to improve your life. It can also mean putting in effort in several different areas of your life eg working two jobs, working while studying, raising a family while working or studying, renovating your home while working.

As a person it can also mean a tradesperson who has a significant effect on your life.

In a relationship reading, it can mean putting in a big effort to build and grow a relationship or partnership.

When reversed, this Tarot card can mean you are putting in too much time, money and hard work towards a wrong goal.

You are wasting time.

You are producing poor quality work or doing badly in your job or studies.