Tarot – The three of Swords

The three of swords indicates sadness, grief, emotional pain, heartbreak, betrayal, rejection, separation or divorce.

This card often shows up in a psychic reading involving love and relationships.

This tarot card can mean feeling lonely and unloved. You’ve been hurt by someone you love.

It can mean contemplating hurting someone, especially someone who has hurt you.

This tarot card can also mean a 3rd person in a relationship (love triangle) or a troublemaker in a relationship, e.g. ex-partner, family member, etc.

In a relationship reading, this card always indicates emotional pain and suffering.

In a health reading, it can mean heart problems or chest pain.

When reversed, this card suggests you are suppressing or refusing to accept sadness and grief. You are in denial. It also means your present view of the world (and people) is clouded by past sadness.