Tarot - The two of pentacles (also known as the two of coins)

In a psychic reading the two of wands usually indicates juggling money.

This card is fairly easy to read.

It can indicate juggling time (time is money) or juggling jobs or careers (a job is usually someone’s main source of income. A job consumes a lot of people’s time!)

The ship or boat in the background represent the ups and downs of one’s finances.

It signifies a decision around time, money, careers or jobs.

It can also indicate a decision about a relationship or partnership based on money.

It can also mean that you need to budget and that you are living from pay-day to pay-day.

When reversed this tarot card means paying bills & debts. Arguments over money. Splitting up finances, e.g., a divorce or breaking up a financial or business partnership. This often shows up in a psychic reading around divorce or separation.