Tarot - The two of Wands

The two wands

In a psychic tarot reading, the two of wands indicates that you have a major decision to make and that you have two alternatives. One alternative is to sit still and do nothing. The other alternative is to do something, especially something involving home, work, career, travel or education. Look at the other cards around the two of wands to sense the exact nature of this major decision.

It means feeling restless. Feeling bored.

This card is about decisions, not actions,e.g. the decision to change jobs, not the action of looking for a new job.

In a relationship reading, this card indicated a major decision around a relationship or thinking or missing someone far away. This card often shows up when someone is missing a person due to a long distance relationship.

This card can also indicate investing in property or real estate.

The two of cards reversed indicates a fear of making a decision...so you do nothing...Procrastinating for too long.