Tarot – Three of Wands

The three of wands is an interesting card when it appears in a psychic reading.

It indicates a time for thinking, planning, observing, exploring and searching. It’s not the right time to act. However, the time to act is rapidly approaching. Get ready!

Real progress is about to be made. Your dreams are about to become real. You are about to achieve positive results. You are so close. Be patient, but get ready. Hence this is a positive card during a psychic reading.

Thinking of someone or someplace far away. Perhaps a long distance relationship. It can also mean feeling homesick.

In a relationship or partnership reading this tarot card indicates that a relationship is about to enter a new phase. The relationship is about to grow and develop.

When reversed it can indicate that you have three or more things happening at once. You have three or more things on your plate. You have too much on your mind! You need to focus on one or two things at a time.