The Suit of Swords

Many people from different parts of the world believe in Tarot reading. In tarot, the swords have been corresponding to air element which represents freedom and a quick change. Traditionally, swords suit is also representing the military which means authority, power, strength, suffering, responsibility and violence.

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot belongs to the Renaissance artifacts that are most enduring. It first appeared in the northern part of Italy of 15th century that is used as the card game which is the same with Bridge modern game.

Tarot reading revolved around the common belief that cards might be used to obtain insight to the past, present as well as future possible situations of a subject. Some people believe that they have been guided by the spiritual force. On the other hand, others would believe that cards can help them get into the collective unconscious or even own creative and brainstorming subconscious. Their belief in the cards’ divinatory meaning has been closely integrated to the belief in divine, mystical and occult properties.

What is The Suit of Swords?

The Suit of Swords has been the representative of Air element. Its tarot card indications have been integrated to change, oppression, conflict, courage, ambition, action, power, force and action. Action may be constructive as well as destructive which sometimes results to violence. The suit may also imply enemies, hatred and battle. Among the other types of suits, this has been distinguished as the most dangerous and powerful.

On the other hand, The Suit of Words is also dealing with mental consciousness level which is focused on the intellect and mind. It reflects the mind quality which is present in the attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts. The swords have been double-edged wherein the Suit of Swords is symbolizing a balance between the power and intellect. It also involves how the two elements are used for evil and good. However, these Swords should be balanced by the feeling (Cups) and spirit (Wands).

Suit of Swords negative aspects involve harsh judgment, mental and verbal abuse, lack of compassion, guilt, as well as anger. When it refers to the Tarot reading, it usually represents months, Spring or Winter. In the playing cards deck, Swords has been corresponding to Spades.

Personality Characteristics: Suit of Swords

Swords have been representing the signs of Air of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. People of Swords are usually present in Court Cards. They are described as rational, logical, intelligent, excellent communicators and thoughtful. They have been rational beings; they love exploring the world through analyzing and understanding of what is happening around them. On the other side, Swords people may also be domineering, ruthless, rigid and confrontational.

Tarot Reading Swords Cards

Tarot readings should be predominantly cards of Swords. Thus, you may be sure enough that the clients are looking for solutions to the primary mental struggles, arguments, conflicts as well as decisions that should be made. In addition to, there can be various arguments or violence in the present. Swords may bring several negative or forceful and strong messages. It can still serve as the warning to become more cautious regarding what is actually happening around you.